No Job Is Too Small

We received a phone call a week ago from a gentleman who was referred to us by a previous client. He said that he would like to re-set his grandmother’s diamond into a more modern mount for his “soon to be fiancée”. He gave us a bunch of guidelines to which he would like this ring designed: Delicate band, four claw setting, the  center diamond was to be slightly raised all set in a diamond encrusted, rhodium plated 14k white gold setting. We were told it was “a modest size diamond”. It all sounded timeless and beautiful. In his notes he had asked for a small diamond band that went 3/4 of the way around her finger and mentioned that his girlfriend was a size 2....

We went straight to sketch rendering. Designing a ring with 2.0 mm accent diamonds 28 in total. We had obviously assumed that there was an error with the finger size and finished this rendering to a 6 1/2, pretty standard stock size. When we finally had the pleasure of meeting with this client, after all renderings were approved with some back-and-forth emails, we were able to confirm the center diamond size to be approximately a half carat and much to our surprise confirmed that this ring will be manufactured in a size 2.25

Needless to say this design required some small modifications to make the proportions look accurate. We reduced the diamond sizes down to 1.5mm and omitted 12 diamonds from the shoulders of the ring, we confirmed the changes with another collection of shared photos and printed this tiny ring wax.

It’s the most adorable, stunning little ring “custom fit for a tiny bride”.