About Us

Since 1981, Cerelli Jewellers has worked very closely with private clients, Canada's top insurance providers and their valued members in addition to Nation-wide referrals.  Our South African roots provide a wholesale diamond supply that is unmatched.  Our vast inventory of fine-cut, conflict free diamonds allows us to offer exceptionally competitive prices and a worry-free purchase.

Clients work one-on-one with our custom goldsmith to create one-of-a-kind pieces for ALL occasions. We will design your dream engagement ring, replace lost or stolen family heirlooms, or recreate popular pieces all while managing a budget of any size.  Whether we are redesigning a family treasure or building your very own custom creation, Cerelli Jewellers can guarantee a fun, informative experience that will be remembered for years to come.  

Our on-site gemmologist (F.G.G.) is available to quickly inspect or thoroughly dissect any family treasure in your possession. If you are looking to determine the value of Grandma's pieces to incorporate into a new custom creation or needing to formally evaluate your most precious jewellery for insurance coverage, Cerelli Jewellers can handle it on-site, in a friendly, secure environment.  With a simple appointment Cerelli Jewellers will provide you with an industry trusted, realistic, replacement cost value appraisal to allow you to establish adequate coverage with your home insurance company.