Insurance Claims

Cerelli Jewellers works very closely with National insurance providers and their valued members to assist in the assessment of, and the re-production or re-design of, lost or stolen jewellery pieces.  We will take charge of the entire process while assisting your insurance provider with a comprehensive replacement cost value of your list of missing items.  Regardless of how small the item or how inherently valuable your missing piece(s) are, we provide a personal, in-depth discussion about each and every missing item.

Either over the phone, in our private studio, or in the comfort of your own home, Cerelli Jewellers will make a seemingly impossible task not only painless, but as enjoyable as it could possibly be.  Please view our testimonials to see how others have felt, after taking the time to digest the experience yourself. 

If you haven't been directed to Cerelli Jewellers by your insurance company, get started in minutes!  Complete the Insurance Form below NOW and a Cerelli Jewellers consultant will contact you within two business hours to schedule an appointment.